Environmental Services

Call 705-484-5374 ext. 237 for more information.

Office Update

Environmental Services Offices, located at 2115 Highway 12, Brechin, will be closed to the public. All Environmental Services business will be conducted out of the Township of Ramara Administration Centre, 2297 Highway 12, Brechin. Please direct all faxes to 705-484-0441.

The Environmental Services department consists of 7 water systems and 2 wastewater treatment systems, and staff includes a Manager for Environmental Services, 1 Senior Operator, 7 Operators and 1 Environmental Secretary and 1 Resources Technician/Risk Management official.

The prime function of the Environmental Services department is to provide the Public with safe potable drinking water that meets all Ministry Regulations, and in doing so protect and preserve the Environment from source to tap. Each Municipal Drinking Water System upholds a Licence and Permit to Take Water to remain in compliance with The Ministry of Environment Drinking Water Regulations. The Licence of Approval issued by the Ministry of Environment identifies and approves the water supply and distribution system at a particular location. The Permit to Take Water also issued by the Ministry of Environment indicates the maximum rates and amounts of water allowed. The Environmental department also deals with the treatment and collection of wastewater, to ensure before entering the natural environment that the final effluent meets or exceeds all Ministry of Environment regulations.

All current Ministry audit Inspection reports are available on the Township website and at the Municipal Office.


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