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Message from the Fire Chief:

Ramara Fire & Rescue Services consists of three Fire Halls, Station 1 in Brechin, Station 2 in Atherley and Station 3 in Washago. The department is a volunteer organization comprised of up to 70 dedicated men and women. All of whom under the direction of the Fire Chief Dave McCarthy, strive to provide the best possible service to the residents of our municipality, whether the response is regarding a fire, a motor vehicle accident or a health related issue.
The Fire & Rescue Services’ primary function is to attend to fires within our communities; however they are also very involved in emergency rescue on land and water. Our Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Prevention Officer, Tony Stong, provides inspection services with regard to home safety, wood stove installation and vendor licensing.
Our Department also provides the community with a very strong Public Safety Awareness Program whereby some of our volunteers go to schools and rural fairs to demonstrate the "fire house" and advise residents with regard to home safety.

Dave McCarthy
Fire Chief

Petition to Make it Mandatory for Vehicles to move to the right for Volunteer Fire Fighters


Hot Issues:

We all have the responsibility to keep our families and homes safe from fire. Below are links to information and resources about how to keep your family and possessions safe from fire.

File of Life File of Life graphic of magnetic folder and fridge

Do you have a File of Life? File of Life is a form that goes on your fridge and is intended to provide Paramedics and Firefighters with quick access to their patients' pertinent medical information in the event of an emergency. Either click the link below and print out your own, or stop by the Admin Office in Brechin to pick up a magnetized version. It could save a life.

File of Life Form from County of Simcoe

Safety Tips to Prevent Brush, Grass, and Forest Fires

 Commercial Fire Safety Plan Template

Winter Safety Tips - Clearing Snow

 Tips for Making your Home Fire Safety Plan

 Carbon Monoxide Detectors Mandatory

 Heating Safety Tips

 Clothes Dryer Safety Tip Sheet

 Fireplace Safety - It's a good time of year to book an inspection

 Portable Fireplace Safety

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Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation

Testing and Cleaning your Smoke Alarms



 Fire Hall Locations:

Station 1

3290 County Road 47, Brechin ON

Station 2

85 Patricia Drive, Orillia ON

Station 3

7305 County Road 169, Washago, ON





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 Ramara Fire Equipment


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Other resources:

Office of the Fire Marshal

Fire Prevention Canada

For more information contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 705-484-5374 ext. 253