FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Animal Control
What should I do if I find a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal?

How can I learn more about Canine Control in the township?

How do I contact the Canine Control Officers?


Art Loan and Donation Policy
What is Ramara's policy regarding the loan and donation of art for public display at the Administration Building in Brechin?


Codes of Conduct
Does Ramara Township have Codes of Conduct for Council, Staff and Citizen Appointees to Boards and Committees?

Does Ramara Township have an Integrity Commissioner?


Customer Service
How do I access the Customer Care Centre?

Who do I contact regarding Waste Management (Garbage, Recycling, Green Bin, Landfill Sites, etc.)?


Elected Representatives
How do I determine what ward I live in?

Who are the members of Council?

Who are the Ramara school board representatives?


Emergency Planning
Does Ramara Township have an emergency plan?


Environmental Services
Where can I find more information regarding water meters?


How can I view the Financial Statements for the Township of Ramara?


Where are the Fire Halls located in the Township of Ramara and what equipment do they have?

What is the Open Air Burning policy for the Township of Ramara?

Are fireworks permitted in the Township of Ramara?

What does Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation mean and how does it relate to insurance?


What types of meetings does Council have and when?

I want to speak to Council.  How do I get put on the agenda for a deputation?


What is the most recent edition of the Lakepoint Village Phase 1 Servicing Concession 10 Reconstruction Newsletter?


Strategic Planning
Does Ramara Township have a strategic plan?


What methods are available to pay my tax bill?

Will the Township accept post dated cheques for payment of taxes?

Where can I see a copy of the Township information insert enclosed with the tax bill?

Waste Management
How can I find out more information about garbage, recycling and organics collections?


I would like to have my water shut off for the winter months, what should I do?

Where can I find more information regarding water meters?