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Township of Ramara Bylaw Lists

Click on the name of one of the following Township of Ramara Bylaws to view the document in pdf format.  This list contains only commonly requested bylaws and is only a small sampling of the total number of bylaws which have been passed by the Township.  

ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) Bylaw 2015.49 - to regulate ATVs on Township roads (Repeals 2007.93)

Animal Control Bylaw 2009.34 - to regulate the seizure & impounding of animals at large or trespassing

Anti-Littering Bylaw 2002.75

Benefits and Amenities for Council Bylaw 2012.100

Benefits and Amenities for Staff Bylaw 2012.98 - Amended by 2013.45 Fire Services Vehicle Allowance

Boat Mooring in Canals Bylaw 2001.94

Building Bylaw 2011.21 (Amended by 2013.32 fees)

Canine Control Bylaws

Closed Meeting Investigator Complaint Policy Bylaw 2008.10

Code of Conduct Bylaws

Community Centre Boards of Management 2016.32 (Repeals 2009.41, which was amended by 2012.22 - Atherley CCB - Lovely Day Park) (Amended by 2016.49)

Cross Connection Bylaw 2007.87 (regarding Backflow prevention devices)

Development Charges Bylaw for BAYSHORE VILLAGE Sewer and Water Service Area 2014.66 (Repeals 2009.68)

Development Charges Bylaw for BRECHIN/LAGOON CITY Sewer and Water Service Area 2014.65 (Repeals 2009.69) - AMENDED BY 2017.37

Development Charges Bylaw TOWNSHIP WIDE 2015.13 (Replaces 2010.28) - AMENDED BY 2017.36

Driveway Entrances and Use and Occupancy of Boulevards Bylaw 2017.43 (Repeals 2017.04)

Exotic Animals Bylaw 1998.40 (Amended by 1999.61)

Fees & Charges Bylaw 2017.18 (Repeals Bylaws 2012.97, 2013.50, 2013.85, 2014.48, 2016.37, 2016.43, and 2017.05) (Amended by 2017.29)

Fencing Bylaw 2012.90 and related bylaws

Fern Resort Road Dock Privileges Bylaw 2013.05

Fertilizer Control and Regulation Bylaw 2014.55

Fill Bylaw 2012.70 - to regulate the placing or dumping of fill - View Forms page for Fill permit application

Fire Department Bylaw 2014.05 - to re-establish and regulate a fire department

Half Load Restrictions Bylaw 2003.08

Intensive Livestock Bylaw 2000.23

Licensing Bylaws

Long Grass Bylaw 2014.36 (Repeals 2012.34) Schedule E - Brechin Amended by 2014.47, Applicable Zones Amended by 2014.61

Official Plan 2003

Open Air Burning Bylaw 2012.13 - (and Related policy) - Amended by 2014.17

Parking Bylaw 2003.52 and amendments

Pits and Quarries Bylaw 2003.48

Planning Fees Bylaw 2008.63 (Amended by 2010.23, 2013.27, 2017.46)

Procedure Bylaw 2016.19 - View Forms page for Deputation Request forms (Bylaw 2016.19 Repeals Bylaw 2013.87) (Amended by 2016.33 - Question Period)

Property Standards Bylaw 2005.65

Records Retention Bylaw 2004.31

RV - Recreational Vehicle, Boat and Trailer Parking or Storing Bylaw 2010.73

Rural Mail Box Bylaw 2005.68 - (Amended by 2007.97 - Permits)

Salaries and Honorariums for Council Bylaw 2016.66 (Replaces Bylaw 2014.90)

Salaries and Honorariums for Staff Bylaw 2016.68 (Replaces Bylaw 2016.04)

Sewer Use Bylaw 2006.27

Sewer and Water Works Connection Bylaw 2008.12 (Amended by 2009.07, 2009.13, 2009.81)

Shorewall Bylaw 2017.25 (Repeals 1997.54 and 1999.68) - regarding the maintenance and construction of shorewalls

Site Plan Control Bylaw 2011.32 (Repeals Bylaws 2003.78 and 2003.85)

Speed Limits Bylaw 2012.99 - (Schedule A replaced in Bylaw 2013.43, and 2013.43 Amended by 2013.64, 2014.13, 2015.06, 2015.11, 2015.29, 2015.41, 2017.14) 

Sump Pump Discharge Method Pre-sale Property Inspections Bylaw 2012.48

Tax Rates and Mosquito Control Service Rate for Year 2017 Bylaw 2017.31

Tax Rates - Interim - for Year 2017 Bylaw 2017.01

Trail Bylaw 2005.60 (Regulating use of off road vehicles and horses on trails)

Waterways Bylaw 2007.95 (Regulating Waterways controlled and managed by the LCPWC - Lagoon City Parks & Waterways Commission)

Water Meter Installation Bylaw 2010.59 (Amended by 2012.80, 2014.27)

Water and Sewage Service Rates for the Years 2017-2024

(Water and Sewage Service Rates for April 1, 2015 - December 31, 2016 - Bylaw 2015.19)

(Water and Sewage Service Rates for Years 2013, 2014, 2015 - Bylaw 2012.95)

Watering Bylaw 2005.72 (Amended by 2006.77)

Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 and amendments